Enhancing Wellbeing in Schools

Due to the effects lack of exercise can have on a child’s health and education, there’s a drive to promote wellbeing in the education process.

How TMW can make a difference

TMW is ideal for use in schools, being a simple, easily followed set of exercises and movements to promote movement and wellbeing. We can train staff in your school or organisation to bring the benefits of TMW to learners.

TMW classes can help learners in:

  • Relaxation
  • Better sleep
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Improving concentration
  • Increasing social contact

The underlying principles of TMW also work to:

  • Give learners a sense of place
  • Build confidence
  • Support those who are more sensitive by teaching how to centre
  • Enhance listening by encouraging receptivity through awareness and relaxation

How TMW is being applied

Using TMW has allowed me to be much more centred and grounded in the classroom.  If I am fully present with my students they are open, alert and relaxed because they sense that in me.  When I teach from this space lessons are clear and enjoyable for everyone

Steve Blake – teacher in Birmingham

TMW has been explored in a number of different ways within the educational system.

  • Val Meredith a teacher in Powys Wales  has used TMW to help her Year 11 and 6th form learners to prepare for examinations, helping them to centre and relax.  She has also used TMW for Year 9 as part of the Wales 560 approach to getting learners moving and fit for life.
  • TMW and its attendant principles are currently being introduced to a “Beaver” Scouts group in Malvern.
  • TMW principles have been used by schools in Scotland to help reduce incidents of bullying.
  • At the University of Wales students are offered a taste of Tai Chi’s approach to living life rather than surviving it as an additional viewpoint to their Religious Studies programme.
  • TMW has been presented at the University of Bath to promote ways of reducing stress and enhancing performance through its essential principles.
  • In 2009 TMW was invited by the University of Wales to present at their conference on Emotional Intelligence in Schools in South Wales.  As a result, TMW was introduced to a large primary school in Newport. Both staff and learners were impressed by its calming effect.