Reducing Work-related Stress

Lost days due to ill health, bad backs and stress is a huge cost to business. Add to this the expense to businesses of training people who simply leave due to frustration, depression or lack of motivation and you have a significant sum. In China, Japan and other Far Eastern countries it’s considered obvious that a healthy and happy workforce is good for business. A view that’s becoming increasingly shared in the UK.

How TMW can make a difference

One way to show you value your people is to support them. TMW is a simple yet effective way of helping your workforce proactively reduce stress while achieving a healthy body and mind.

One client’s story

A CEO of a design company encouraged his workforce to down tools and use TMW to give their minds and bodies a concentration break.  There were some grumbles that it was taking valuable time away from their work day.  However their productivity increased. Why? Because they returned to work refreshed.

The benefits for business

  • Improves morale
  • Helps cut down lost days due to ill health, lack of motivation or enthusiasm
  • Improves staff retention – staff feel more valued
  • Encourages team spirit
  • Reduces stress
  • Recognised as an investment in personnel development

The long-term benefits

TMW can be tailored to address particular issues – such as high absenteeism or lack of motivation due to ill health or stress. A TMW trainer will deliver sessions and provide a comprehensive back-up programme to help manage the issue(s) over the long term. We can also provide a TMW programme to reduce the potential for ill health in a proactive way – preventing it from becoming a problem in the first place. We can also train members of the workforce to train as TMW trainers too, so you can provide on-site programmes to continually contribute to the efficiency of the business.

See On-site Training for more information.