About our Classes

What can you expect from a TMW class?

The classes generally last an hour, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. The type of class could be a drop-in type “Flex” class or one of a series of six or eight classes (Protocol-based).

Where are classes held?

Public classes can be held in school halls, village halls, or within a healthcare setting, such as a leisure centre, residential home, gym.  Classes are also held on Zoom.  You can find a trainer in your area.

How much do they cost?

The cost of the classes is dependent on the room hire, travel for your trainer etc, but on the whole they average around £8 – £10 for the hour, which includes back-up support.

How do the classes work?

Let us first take the TMW Protocol class which is a series of six or eight classes. Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out an enrolment form and to let us know if there are any injuries or physical issues that we should know about so that we can help you to work with them using TMW.

The series of classes is designed to take you on a journey into wellbeing using the movements and underlying principles of TMW and to help you find some time to practise these at home and eventually in your life.

Each class is a mixture of revising what has been learnt, being introduced to a new principle and some moves, and then practising so that you can explore them at home.

The series is divided into four sections:

  • physical warm up
  • a section which promotes relaxation, flow and breathing
  • a third section on reconnection to yourself and the world around you and, finally
  • a section to integrate the sequence and finish it.

As you progress through the classes you build a variety of movements which becomes the TMW sequence. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to complete depending on the number of repetitions. In terms of the space needed to practise, if you can find somewhere to stand that is enough!

You will be given plenty of support to explore the moves at home with aids to help you which include a DVD / MP4, along with a practice pamphlet or, for those not technically minded, a booklet to remind you of the sequence.

Whilst there is a structure that the class follows, the trainer will be listening to the class and will take it at a speed which is manageable for everyone. Because TMW can be done seated or standing it is possible for you to find the right level of exertion to suit where you are coming from. So those who have injuries or who are recovering from, say, an operation of some sort can easily be integrated with those who are happy to stand throughout.

When the six or eight weeks series is finished there may well be the opportunity to take the practice of TMW deeper with a Revision Class or to join others who have gone through the sequence and who are using it to explore living life (rather than just surviving it!)

The classes are friendly, fun, interesting, well paced and may just help to transform your health, wellbeing and how you view life.

What happens if I can’t make all the classes?

The Series Classes are paid for up front, as your trainer has made a commitment to hire the venue and supply the support materials. Your trainer will help you to catch up if you miss a class, and the TMW sequence is designed for you to ultimately practise TMW independently and at home.

What about Drop In classes?

Drop-In “Flex” classes are just that! They are designed for people to come along as they can manage. It is possible to come to some or all of the classes and many of the participants go on to join a Series Class. These classes are generally paid for at the time, rather than up front.

How would I become a trainer?

Training to become a trainer is rewarding and enjoyable! We run courses each year and there is a lot of information on the website about the course content and testimonials from those who have completed their training. Or you can just phone us and we will be happy to talk to you and cover any questions you may have.


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