Course Structure


TMW Foundation Training

Module One – 2 days

Module One gives you an introduction to TMW’s approach and teaches you the TMW Flex Sequence you’ll use to teach your own groups. Between this and the next module, you’ll be expected to learn and practise the sequence.

Module Two – 2 days

This module gives you the Protocol for teaching TMW as a six-week programme.  Between the end of this module and the start of Module Three, you’ll lead an individual through the Protocol, an hour each week – a minimum of 4 classes.  You’ll also complete a series of questions.  Both will help reinforce your learning.  And you’ll have email and phone access to your teachers throughout this period if you need it.

Module Three – 2 days

Module Three brings two more days of consolidation, teaching support and practice. You’ll be given individual feedback to hone your understanding of TMW, its practice and its principles.  You’ll also be introduced to the Seated ‘Flex’ Sequence, be given guidelines on teaching a small group and have time to practise leading your peers in the sequence.  Between the end of this module and the start of Module Four, you’ll continue refining your understanding and practise leading a group of 3 in the ‘Flex’ Sequence, a minimum of three classes of an hour, each week.  You will be expected to complete a self-reflective report after each class.

Module Four – 2 days

After a month you’ll attend a further two days (Module Four)  to revise and support the training you’ve received so far. By now you’ll have your own experience of the sequence and its application, as well as any problem areas, and these days will be your opportunity to reconnect and iron out any bad habits. Once you’ve completed this stage, you’ll be awarded your TMW Trainer Foundation Certificate and Full Membership of the Association of Professional TMW Trainers.  At this level of certification you’re competent to lead classes for the general public.

Continuing Professional Development for all TMW Trainers

To ensure high standards are maintained and to keep your Certification active, you’ll need to attend required CPD events annually, including assessment for re-certification, and continue your membership of the Association of Professional TMW Trainers. This input is designed to support your continuing professional development.


TMW Transition Courses open to qualified TMW Trainers

The ‘Big Four’

A two day course introducing the Full Protocol for teaching TMW.  Day One will focus on learning the four additional moves which make up the Full TMW Sequence.  Day Two will introduce the protocol for teaching TMW as an eight-week programme.