On-site Training

As well as our structured TMW training courses, we also offer on-site training, ideal for conferences or staff training days. We can also train a number of your people to become TMW trainers.


TMW movements are ideal in a conference setting where delegates are seated most of the time.  By experiencing the principles of TMW and moving their bodies they will be enlivened and energised, leaving them alert, receptive and ready for the conference.

Staff training days

TMW is ideal for a staff training exercise. With origins in the martial art traditions of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, whose prime focus is to be alert and relaxed in the face of tension, TMW can teach your people to handle pressure more effectively.

Become a TMW trainer

The most cost effective way to train members of your organisation in TMW. We can train up to 12 employees at a time. They’ll then be equipped to pass the benefits of TMW on to your personnel – promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Or why not join forces with fellow organisations and spread the training knowledge and costs between you.